pony slave


Rock watched warily the next day as the guards freed each slave one by one and dragged them outside. Finally it was Rock’s turn and he found yet another truck waiting out in the alley. This one though had no slats and the printing on the side said ‘Horses’. Rock saw that each slave had been bound hand and foot and lay in the straw that was filthy with the muck of the genuine horses that Robinson had sent to the horsefair. Now the truck would carry Rock and the others to their new hell. The guards chained Rock and lay him down on the straw. He breathed in the smell of horse dung and the sweat and odour of the other slaves. The guards locked the doors and the truck moved off. The movement of the truck caused Rock to rub against his neighbour the slave groaned his cock hardening he still had a full set to play with although chained as they were he wouldn’t be able to do so. It took hours to reach Robsinon’s horse farm, high walls surrounded the farm so passing strangers couldn’t see either the genuine horses or the suffering of the ponyslaves.

Grooms came and freed Rock and the others from their chains, they herded them into a large building and made them walk through a deep trough of disinfectant. Other grooms rubbed them down with straw. Then each groom took the gags from out of their mouths. Rock worked his mouth to get it working he opened his mouth to ask what they were going to do to him but the groom holding him forestalled this by ramming a bit gag in his mouth quickly fastening it tightly behind his head. He clipped a lead rein to Rock’s bit and tethered him to the wall before chaining Rock’s wrists behind his back. A man came over carrying all the harness which Rock would wear at all times. This included thigh-high stiff leather boots the end of the boot Rock noticed was shaped like a horse’s hoof and he realised what Joe and Petrovich meant by his ballet training suiting this new horror.

.He and the groom force Rock’s legs into them. They carried on and next a leather mesh over his chest and back with a strap that went down between his legs and they drew this up tightly so that he felt as if he was being split in two. Finally they pulled a leather hood over his head the upper half covered him eyes the holes were at that moment zippered shut but could be opened if so wished. Straps fastened the hood tightly in place all that was visible was his mouth with the bit gag in it. The groom unfastened him and led him out across a grassy area up to a large house. Rock noticed that because the boots were so stiff it made his hips sway from side to side the groom tethered him to a post. Rock still blindfolded at this moment but he heard someone come down the steps, whoever it was pulled the zips open and Rock blinked at him as he saw Robinson. “Well, well my little FED pony! All harnessed up ready for use, well except for the saddle or trap.

Tomorrow, though, first I’m going to have them strip you of your harness then shave you from your hairline down to your toes. Your head hair will be pulled up through the top of your hood it will look quite fetching and it will be allowed to grow much longer until it looks like a mane. Some of my ponies have recently been retired from racing and breeding, they begged me to take their cocks and balls they do, you know? They no longer need their manes those have been made into tails. Give him his,” the groom thrust a dildo up into Rock’s hole attached to the dildo was the hair from one of the retired ponies. Rock squealed in pain the dildo was the largest he’d ever taken larger even than Robinson’s fist. “You will learn to carry riders or pull traps in races and you better win or else I’ll geld you anyway in the most painful way you can imagine. Sometimes I have guests who will want to ride a ponyslave and have the pony service them with either mouth or hole. The bit you have in your mouth has a whole in it wide enough to take any size of cocks and allows your tongue to remain in just the right position to lap any cunt that wants to sit on it. Any complaints and the gelding barn awaits you. So if you want to keep those balls inside you obey everyone. When you’re put to stud you better sire a lot of foals.

Take him to the pony barns, training barn first,” the groom led him away again. This time the groom led him into a long barn and then a stall where he tethered Rock near the manger which he filled with mash. “Suck it up, all of it. Then get some sleep. Water’s there when you need it,” the groom released catches on the boots at the knees. “You can lie down now, in the morning they’ll be fastened again,” The groom stood for awhile watching as Rock sucked the mash up, Rock grimaced the mash tasted foul. The groom laughed and left. Rock took a drink of the water sucking it up to wash away the taste of the mash. He lay down no use struggling and he was tired.